Friday, March 30, 2012


I stumbled upon this once b4, so I had to share it the second time I came across it. Quilling as it is called is proly not for me b/c it requires great patience I think and great precision. But Yulia Brodskaya is amazing and known the world over for her amazing works. You can check her out via the link below but here is a pic of just one of her amazing works. GO CREATE!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I have recently decided to sharpen the skills that have brought me to where I am today as an artist. Graff has seemingly always been in my blood. Having been mentored by an amazing graff writer and friend way back in 93' I have never stopped writing graffiti. I have books full of random pieces, sometimes napkins become canvases. Anyway here's a sketch I did yesterday in a book someone gave me for my bday last year. Kinda basic, only 2 color but there's still some gas left in the 'ol tank...


Monday, March 5, 2012

Reclaimed wood project

So I saw something on Etsy several weeks ago and thought to myself..."I can do that!" and quickly  the wheels started turning on how I could make it happen. Obviously I love to create, and being inspired to create by others, well I love that more! So I saw the sign below on a very cool Etsy shop of which I will post a link. This over sized sign was selling for $100- so you can imagine why I would much rather make it, if I can. Not that it's not worth it, I would just rather make it. I get complete joy from doing so, and I love telling people that come into my home "why yes I did make that myself" Anyway here is the inspiration(along w/ the link) and my finished product. If you want one, let's talk, I got more wood and "wood" love to do more of these.


Now for some before, after and how I did this.

These are the tools I used plus a drill of which I clearly
forgot to place in the photo.

A belt sander, Dremel tool, jig saw, circular saw & drill

I started w/this piece of reclaimed wood I had at the house

I then decided on my dimensions, sketched the word onto the wood
cut the piece out using my circular saw, used my jig saw to cut the
outline out, then drilled holes on the insides of the 'D','E' & 'A' in order
to get my jig saw inside those areas.After that I used my belt sander to 
bring back the natural wood character of the piece. It had 
years of varnish or whatever on it. When I was done with that 
I took my Dremel tool and smoothed out all the edges on the
inside and outside of the whole piece, until I was happy w/
how it looked. I have now only to decide what color to paint
it. *Sorry I don't have step by step pics, I was too focused
on doing the piece that I forgot....whoops

And here is the finished product.