The Soundtrack To My Life

   I think it goes w/o saying that anyone who works to achieve any form of artistic expression is someone willing to be vulnerable to basically the world. If you care about what your creating, then you leave a piece of you with it. I know I can never please all people, and that people can be judged harshly based on what an armchair quarterback thinks is a good or a bad play. But what I do know is that I hope that for as long as I have breathe in this body I will continue to be willing to be placed in that situation, b/c for me some one somewhere may be inspired or even pulled back from some dark place by something I have spoken, or written, or painted. Making music is not easy, making great music is even harder and I have been working to make something great for a long time.

   Now I can say "yo, this is great" and you can look at me and go "your nuts, that's horrible". But that's the thing about music from one person to the next in any genre you will get mixed feedback as to what is considered "great" music. It depends on the listener and thats the beauty of art. It can turn some one off and the next grab hold and take them somewhere they've never been. It can cause tears to flow from what would seem nowhere, and create inspiration out of thin air. Great music moves you, it touches your soul, it speaks to you. It shares something with you in a way nothing else can. Have I done that, well that's really up to the listener. Time will tell. I will keep creating and hopefully, if I'm lucky enough someone will say to me somewhere down the line that was the case. Until then enjoy! Children of War was finished this past year, and speaks to the war that we are all in on some level. We are all children and byproducts of war in some way....


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