Art Portfolio

Here is a wide variety of personal and commissioned work that I have compiled over the past few years. I have done everything from murals to portraits to logos. I especially love urban inspired works, as well as abstract. I now have the ability to do everything in house, so I can now build canvases to specific measurements for any client.  Enjoy! I will con't adding photos to this page as I gather them.

                                                      Business card mock-ups I did for a client.

     Digital album cover I did for a hip-hop
         album I recently finished.

An abstract I was commissioned to do for a client

     Party of Seven Photography featured
some of my art that was being displayed 
in a local coffee shop where I live for a
senior photo shoot. Nice!

A student in a photography class graciously sent me this photo of a piece I had in a window of a local shop that he took for a 
class project.

*the piece is titled 'crack' and deals with our
affinity for the internet, and the potential dangers that lie within as well.

 A lil fun w/old TV's. I did an
installation in a local store titled
'Patrick's revenge' based off
of Spongebob.

This is a playroom mural I recently finished for a client in their home.

An urban character I have been developing called 'The Idiotbox'. Sometimes there is a message involved, sometimes no. Normally he's involved in some sort of scene of sorts. I am developing this as sort of a brand for my name as an artist.

Propaganda poster I did for an art show.

 Sports Photography company logo.

I added some stencil work to this piece well
after I displayed it in the art show I created it for.

Politically inspired installation I did for my 9/11 Anniversary show.

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