Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final dresser makeover shots

So I am finally done with the dresser I have been working on for like what seems to be forever. Actually I have been done, but the knobs I ordered from Anthropologie had to be sent back b/c they sent me the wrong ones, and then after spending hours on the phone with them turns out they didn't even have any of the knobs I wanted to begin with. Long story short, I found almost exactly the same knobs for pretty much half the price on eBay....go figure. Epic fail Anthropologie! So w/o any further a due, here are before and after shots, as well as how the dresser looks in it's new home, my KITCHEN!....loving it too. oh and I will be doing the floors next in there as well. Trust me, I have had that on list for enjoy


Coincidentally my wife won an awesome tray the other night
at her Oscar party to replace the white one you see here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Installation art

Here is a pic from the floor above of an art installation I did at my last show. I used old TV's some that worked, so that did not. It's called the last stand. Basically it deals with the age old fight between good and evil, thus the white and black contrasting tv's. GO CREATE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

While perusing This is Colossal's website I came upon the landscape book carvings of a great artist by the name  of Guy Laramee...Check him out. And if he's ever in your area I would suggest going to his show. I'm sure you'll love his work. Click the link below to take you to the website I found this on. GO CREATE!

Gears of Inspiration

These gears came into the yard today, and I was instantly inspired to do a piece for our office using them. I love when that happens! And I am excited at the potential they have to be a real great piece of art for our office. Also I might add I work for an amazing company that allows me a place to be creative. Life is good! I'll post progress pics in the coming weeks, can't wait to get started on this piece.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

In the spirit of "love day" I did a lil dry erase board sketching. It's a lost medium....HAPPY LOVE DAY EVERYONE! ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Practice makes perfect

So I was floating about some blogs and was reminded by some sketching and animation from some amazing artists that practice makes perfect. I took out this cool new sketch book I got from a friend for my bday this year and some comic books and this is what I  just finished. I was reminded how much fun this is and also how much I use to enjoy doing this for like HOURS as a kid.  GO CREATE!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New lamps

Check out these cool vintage lamps I just swiped from a downtown antique store that's closing for $25/ea, they were marked at $100 for the pair, and I got 50% off. I think I just found the inspiration for the project I'm calling the yellow room. I have been purchasing lil by lil pieces for the room, and I think that these lamps are goin to be a wonderful addition. I will get them home, clean them up repaint the white area to brighten them up , possibly buy new hardware so the wiring is all new, and purchase new clean white shades for them. NICE!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Odd Pair

I wanted to share an installation I did at my last show in Sept. It is a pair of washers that my company graciously allowed me to use for the show. They asked me to set up the installation at the yard that I am currently working at.(yes I know what your thinking, YOU HAVE A DAY JOB?) Yes unfortunately I still have a day job. But hey it aint so bad, cause I get to see cool inspiring objects EVERY DAY!...

*Disclaimer- This piece is in no way anti-government, or anti-American in any way shape or
     form...AT ALL!

   These washers are beaten and worn. Painted in the Chinese/American flag colors. With a price tag of 16 Trillion dollars. Now to go a little deeper...

Most people know that our ideals and beliefs do not, and have never lined up with those of the Chinese government. That being said, we still do business with them on many different levels. Most of what you own in your homes was produced in China. Most recently I found out that as of right now Chinese Government owned companies that are operating in America were given contracts to rebuild our highways and bridges. Hmmmmm, and we wonder why Americans can't get work(something about them being able to do it faster and cheaper).

Have we lost our way? Are the outside influences of others stronger on us then we think? Are they undermining the very core our beliefs? Is America up for sale? Are we headed down the wrong paths as a society? These are just some of the questions as an artist I was trying to pose to the viewer as they see the installation. Take it in, you decide. ENJOY!