Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Odd Pair

I wanted to share an installation I did at my last show in Sept. It is a pair of washers that my company graciously allowed me to use for the show. They asked me to set up the installation at the yard that I am currently working at.(yes I know what your thinking, YOU HAVE A DAY JOB?) Yes unfortunately I still have a day job. But hey it aint so bad, cause I get to see cool inspiring objects EVERY DAY!...

*Disclaimer- This piece is in no way anti-government, or anti-American in any way shape or
     form...AT ALL!

   These washers are beaten and worn. Painted in the Chinese/American flag colors. With a price tag of 16 Trillion dollars. Now to go a little deeper...

Most people know that our ideals and beliefs do not, and have never lined up with those of the Chinese government. That being said, we still do business with them on many different levels. Most of what you own in your homes was produced in China. Most recently I found out that as of right now Chinese Government owned companies that are operating in America were given contracts to rebuild our highways and bridges. Hmmmmm, and we wonder why Americans can't get work(something about them being able to do it faster and cheaper).

Have we lost our way? Are the outside influences of others stronger on us then we think? Are they undermining the very core our beliefs? Is America up for sale? Are we headed down the wrong paths as a society? These are just some of the questions as an artist I was trying to pose to the viewer as they see the installation. Take it in, you decide. ENJOY!

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