Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final dresser makeover shots

So I am finally done with the dresser I have been working on for like what seems to be forever. Actually I have been done, but the knobs I ordered from Anthropologie had to be sent back b/c they sent me the wrong ones, and then after spending hours on the phone with them turns out they didn't even have any of the knobs I wanted to begin with. Long story short, I found almost exactly the same knobs for pretty much half the price on eBay....go figure. Epic fail Anthropologie! So w/o any further a due, here are before and after shots, as well as how the dresser looks in it's new home, my KITCHEN!....loving it too. oh and I will be doing the floors next in there as well. Trust me, I have had that on list for enjoy


Coincidentally my wife won an awesome tray the other night
at her Oscar party to replace the white one you see here.

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