Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Countertops

These are some progress pics of the DIY oak veneer doors that I am re purposing for our kitchen counter tops. I saw them in an original blog post here $100 wood counter top tutorial . I will con't to post as I finish the kitchen as well which we have been working on for some time. I am trying to do most of the work myself, including a cool hide away pull out trash can that used to be a set of drawers.

What I did with these doors was make sure that there was the same surface area(or close too) as the counters that are already installed in the kitchen. Then I measured out the counter top that contains the sink from the wall to the outside edge. after getting the measurement I started by pulling all of the molding that was nailed to the outside of the door. Then I ripped that piece to size. The other door I will most likely use practically whole as I want an over lapping counter space for a sitting area with stools for the kids or what have you to eat from. Next I sanded down the surfaces to remove the poly or stain from the doors and to remove some of the imperfections as well. I will fill some of the cracks and imperfections with wood filler then re sand to smooth out the surface later. You can see the difference in the pics below from original, to the sanded finish.


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