Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recycled/DIY floor length mirror

Recently I have finished not one, but two mirrors from wood I had around the house(and mirror). In a previous life they were both used as a small dance mirror and platform for my daughter when she was younger in our garage. I kept the materials because I knew someday somehow I might use them for something else and in doing so give them a second, third, or fourth life. The only materials I did not have were mirror clips and the molding used. I spent less then $100 to complete this project and I think my daughter intends on priming and painting it gold when all is said and done....Enjoy, and GO CREATE!

My beautiful daughter Bri.

We are in the process of remodeling her room, I have since done a pallet treatment to the ceiling(1/2 done), fresh paint, new bed is in the works, barn door style entry door, new window, raw wood shelving and industrial style storage using old filing cabinets. I love the idea of giving things new life, as opposed to discarding them. I must admit it is coming together really nice, and I will post pics once it is finished. Only problem, I never took before pics...ahhhh my bad!
Here is her new floor length mirror.

These first pics are of the frame w/o the molding.

In these pics you can see how the molding gives it a whole different feel. This was my first time, and I am in no way a "finish carpenter". But I know my way around a shop...lol

Here is our mirror in it's new home unpainted.


  1. Could you please list the wood used, such as with, types?

  2. Sure Deb. This project consists of the following.

    1. 3-4 2x6's(cut at 45 degrees to desired length of mirror).
    *They were then routed out on the backside to allow mirror to sit inside of frame.
    2. Your choice of either chair rail or crown molding(again cut at 45 degrees)
    3. Quarter round cut to length, to round off outside of molding(cut at 45 degrees)