Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Silent Pill(reprogramming)

Television has long been nick named "The Idiot box" by generations before me. They kill motivation, inspiration(for the most part) and only wish to drain you of critical thinking and and self thought. The messages on most programs is one of depression, sadness, and an underlying of demoralization. Without even thinking about it you waste hours in front of it, while it tells you how to think, what to think, and even WHEN to think. Turn it off! Go outside and put your feet in the grass and your head to the sun, feel the cool breeze on a sunny spring afternoon, go to a park and sketch. The message here is simple, take something that normally is so loud about NOTHING positive, and give it a twist. A ninja is silent in what he does, and normally can not be seen as he is the stealthiest of the kung fu/martial art disciplines. Without even knowing it, this message is seen and processed on sleepy urban/suburban streets and you are ultimately injected with something of a positive nature. My intention is to get people to think about simply LOVING more, in more ways, and more often!....


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