Thursday, December 8, 2011

The difficulty in seeing differently

   I am constantly seeing things different from thee people around me. So when it comes to art that I create it goes w/o saying I see things the same way. It must have been instilled in me as a little child to see things this way and although it has been hard at times, I wouldn't give it up for the world. Several years back I was involved in an auction to raise money for a school and was given the task of painting an old school students desk.

   Of course I was NOT going to just paint this desk with some silly theme and let that be that. No, not me! I knew if I was going to do this, that this desk had to die and come back as something else. A flurry of ideas rushed into my head as I mulled over how I would re purpose this desk into something new. I scurried to try to find the elements I needed for several of the ideas but got nowhere after hitting a few dead ends.

   Finally I rested in one idea I knew I could not only pull off but thought it was probably the best of all the ones I had had up to that point. Time was running out and sometimes crunch time is the best time for inspiration. If your an artist I must repeat...Some times CRUNCHTIME is the best time for inspiration. So never hesitate to embrace that and let go.

   Having only a few more days before I had to return the desk for the auction every step of this idea laid itself out for me like the lights on a runway being turned on in the darkest night. I knew what I needed, where it was, how it was going to look when it was done, the colors, I mean everything! It feels good when you are able to create like this. The feeling is almost euphoric at times.

   The end result is a sculpture in which I titled "The Seed". And I painted the meaning to the sculpture onto the desktop like most kids write and or carve into their desktops while in school. I loved how it turned out so much I went to the auction to buy it back. But after getting into a bidding war w/a teacher that wanted it my wife convinced me to let it go. "You'll never be known for your artistic abilities if no one ever sees your work" she said. It was hard but I walked away from one of my favorite pieces to date.


  1. keep the creative spirit happening, that will always be your strength! interesting blog, thanks for sharing Jason! -LS

  2. Thanks Lamont! You do the same brother!