Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ends of the spectrum

   I recently finished 2 new pieces, one a commission piece, the other a gift for my sister. I work at a scrap yard and I am constantly inspired by the pieces of metal that come in to see ART differently. It has pushed me and my limitations to what I thought I could and now do create. I think these 2 pieces couldn't possibly be more at the opposite ends of the spectrum from each other, not only in style but also in feel, materials used and what they represent. I am eternally grateful for my time here and how it has pushed me to grow as an artist.

   The first piece is an abstract painting I did in acrylic titled "The Refreshing" and I was inspired by some awesome pieces I found online. The client fell in love when she saw it. I was not convinced it was my best effort, but my wife convinced me to allow her to decide whether I should start fresh or leave it. She decided I should leave it as is. It is now hanging in her private collection, and she is very much happy with it. *Side note, this makes me VERY happy as well!



*This piece is roughly 7"x 9''.

 The second was a piece of scrap metal my boss found and brought to me. It is the silouette of an angel cut out of steel. Rusted and bent this piece immediately struck me with emotion and character. I knew i had to paint it. I also knew that I wanted to retain some of the character the piece had in the colors of rust and ended up with the following results. My sister simply loves angels, so I knew she would love this piece. It now hangs on her wall in her home.
         *This piece is roughly 12"x10"                    

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